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The Hellenic Club’s Community Assistance Program is driven by a clear philosophy and specific aims and objectives based on the core values that define the Greek culture and ethos. Established in 1979, the Hellenic Club has grown and developed from the initial vision of its founding members.

Hellenic Club of Canberra Community Contributions Committee and The Community Assistance Program was formed in order to support the Board of Directors in its responsibility for allocating financial and other forms of support to charitable and other community organisations in Canberra and the wider region.

The Committee meets quarterly and assesses the community assistance requests according to the Club’s approved strategy, budget constraints, policy and criteria.

The Hellenic Club’s primary objectives are to:

  • promote and develop community spirit and to generally raise the standard of living in our community;

  • secure and benefit the welfare of our members and our community;

  • promote, develop and encourage sporting and recreational activities;

  • encourage and promote, theatre, music, singing and dancing;

  • provide information and services to support our members and community organisations; and

  • promote, foster and encourage the Hellenic language, culture and heritage.

Community Grant Application process: 

  • applications are submitted in writing via the Club’s Community Assistance Request form (click on the link below for an application form);

  • applications for support must be supported by the business plan of the organisation and evidence of effective governance; and

  • the Committee will review the application based on the Club’s community assistance policy and criteria and will recommend to the Board the level of support to be provided.

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Alternatively, you can download a copy of the Community Assistance Request Form via the link below and forward to


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