Modern Greek Language &
Culture Classes

The Hellenic Club of Canberra is proud to support the Greek Community in the ACT region by providing a range of Greek cultural events as well as Modern Greek Language & Culture Courses for its members.

Some facts about the Greek Language

The Greek language has the longest documented history of any living language and holds an important place in the history if the Western world and Christianity. Greek words have been widely borrowed into other languages, including English. Moreover, it is the foundation of international scientific and technical vocabulary and still a basis for neologisms (new terms).

Any foreign language is an asset and the benefits of learning Greek in particular are numerous. Just to name a few:

– It gives a better understanding of this great and world widely known culture
– With its language characteristics (i.e. productive morphology, well-structured syntax) it stimulates our brain neurones
– It helps people (especially English speakers in Australia) understand better and appreciate their own language
– It helps with the learning of other foreign languages
– It makes communication easier when meeting Greek people or travelling to Greece
– It gives the ability to understand and appreciate Greek music, poetry and literature

More about our courses

Since 2000 we teach Modern Greek as a second/foreign language to English speaking adults. Our courses focus on the four main language skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking) by using different teaching methods. Our Greek tutor is a native Greek speaker, certified by The Centre for the Greek Language in Thessaloniki, Greece (

new - Conversational greek language course for teens

Starting Monday 14 October 2019 we will be running a brand new 8 week Conversational Greek Language Course for teens aged 13-18 years on Mondays from 4:30pm-5:30pm!

The course is $60 per person and enrolments are open now. Download the enrolment form below and book in your spot at Woden Reception. 

The 2019 classes are on – ENROL NOW!

For further information, please ring 6162 6613 or get in touch with us via email below.


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